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Bender has extensive expertise in ground fault protection solutions for marinas and shore power. From compelte solutions to integratable products, Bender has a wide range of products from the main feeder to the boat itself. Bender’s solutions get your marina in compliance with new code requirements, standards, and laws, including article 555.3 of the National Electric Code, and NFPA 303.

At the Main Feeder

Bender’s MarinaGuard offers a complete solution for monitoring main feeders or docks for shore power. The MarinaGuard can monitor a single main feeder, or multiple feeders / docks, up to 12 from a single panel. Simple installation allows for clean retrofits and installations. The MarinaGuard can be used to monitor everything from the main feeder, down to the individual pedestals. Many features and options are available, including:

  • Monitor single feeders or up to 12 feeders / docks from a single panel
  • Strobe light providing clear indication of ground fault
  • Modular integration utilizing current transformers allows for monitoring systems across a wide range of sizes
  • Options with digital display to show the measured fault current in real-time
  • A wide range of trip levels available, as low as 6 mA and as high as 20 A – including the 100 mA trip level as required by the National Electric Code, article 555.3
  • Remote communication options are available, including notification across an IP network, and wireless options for sending a text message during an alarm.

    At the Dock

    The RCM420 provides ground fault monitoring capabilities at the individual dock, allowing for selective location of ground faults in marinas. The digital display gives readings of measured ground fault current in real-time. Modular, externally connected current transformers allow for feeder monitoring of varying sizes. A wide range of adjustable trip levels are available, including the maximum 100 mA as required by article 555.3 of the National Electric Code. Its compact size allows the RCM420 to be installed in virtually any location, including inside pedestals.

    Integrated into Pedestals

    Bender provides advanced ground fault modules designed specifically for integration into OEM equipment, including marina pedestals. The RCMB-500 series has all measurement electronics built into the current transformer – no external monitoring device is required. RCMB series devices install in minutes with simple plug-in connectors. An analog output with the measured fault current is integratable, with a separate option with a 30 mA trip level.

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