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January 01, 2009:   POWERSERVE Inc. has launched our new web site at:  www.powerserveinc.com.  The new site is updated to reflect the evolving businesses in the various markets in which we participate.  Our old web site www.powerserve-ips.com is now being redirected to the new site.

January 10, 2009:   We are announcing our Residential Infrared Thermography services geared toward assessing energy / temperature losses in homes during these tough economic times.  By identifying areas of losses, homeowners will have the necessary information to make significant energy-efficient changes to their home's outer "envelope".  Our Infrared Scans can also detect the presence of moisture infiltration which can lead to serious mold growth and other interior and exterior damage.  We will also be working with home inspection services to assist during the home assessment process in order to "round-out" their evaluations.

January 27, 2009:   Due to frequent customer requests, we are now accepting the following Credit/Debit cards for purchases of our services and products:

  • VISA Credit & Debit
  • MasterCard Credit & Debit
  • Discover
  • American Express