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Patient Grounds

Receptacle testing in the patient care area includes confirming the physical integrity of each receptacle through visual inspection, confirming the continuity of grounding circuit, and verifying correct polarity of hot and neutral connections. In each receptacle, the retention force of the grounding blade should not be less than 4 ounces.

The testing of hospital-grade receptacles at patient bed locations and in anesthetizing locations shall be performed after initial installation, replacement, or servicing of the receptacle. Additional periodic testing in patient care areas should be performed at intervals determined by performance data. Receptacles used at a patient bed and in anesthetizing locations that are not listed as hospital grade should be tested at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

It must be noted that not all nonhospital-grade receptacles are required to be tested at intervals of 12 months. This requirement of annual testing applies only to those nonhospital-grade receptacles that are installed where hospital-grade receptacles are required for new construction.

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